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  1. There are many people raising dogs now, and there are various varieties. So, how to raise pet dogs? Let me tell everyone how to raise pet dogs!

    On how to raise pet dogs?
    A. Do a good job of environmental hygiene
    1. Dog Sanitary: Must be cleaned every day, remove feces at any time, clean up every month, and disinfect 1 to 2 times.
    2. Maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity: Standard temperature in winter 13-15 degrees Celsius and 21 to 24 degrees Celsius in summer. In winter, keep the preservation and pavement, and we must prevent heat and cool down in summer.
    3. Feed of food tools regularly disinfection: Disinfection of dog feeding utensils once a week (method of boiling with boiling water for 20 minutes).
    B. Do well in dog body hygiene
    usually pay attention to dog body hygiene, take a bath 1-2 times a month. The number of long hair dogs should be increased.
    C. Keep exercise
    1. The best time is to do it sooner or later. The air is fresh and cool in the morning. The environment is quiet at night, no interference, and the dog has nightling, and the surrounding things are clearly visible as daylight.
    2. Bringing dogs should change the route often without taking the same route. In the case of safety, you can give the dog some plastic toys and let it play.
    3. After the exercise returns, drink some water for the dog, dry the whole body with a towel, and remove the dust. Do not feed immediately after exercise. At least you should rest for 30 minutes, otherwise vomiting is prone to occur.
    D. The cleaning of the dog
    (1) washing: bath for the dog. Keeping the skin and hygiene is conducive to the health of the dog. It is better for long -haired dogs every two weeks. Short -haired dogs can wipe the body every day without bathing.
    (2) Comb brush method: The combing hair should be combed quickly in the direction of the hair, combed the long hair dog layer by layer, reverse the long hair, and then combed its bottom hair. Grooming dogs can make people have some emotional communication with dogs.
    (3) Dental maintenance: Use wet cotton balls to apply wet cotton balls to dogs (must not use human toothpaste, it does not like that taste), to remove the stains and tartar, it is better to once a month.
    (4) The ear canal is clean: The ear canal of the dog is easy to accumulate oil and dust and water, especially the big ear dogs, and the long ear can cover the ear canal. Dirt is humid and cause inflammation. If you find that dogs often grab their ears, and constantly shake their heads to swing their tails, indicating that the dog ear has a problem, you should check carefully. If the earwax is hard, it should be dripped at the earwax with 2%boric acid water. After the earwax is softened, take it out with a pinch. If not, go to the hospital if not. Avoid letting shampoos and water from flowing into the ear canal while taking a bath.
    (5) Eyes clean: Wipe the dog's eyes every day to remove the shit.

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