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  1. There are many places for home breeding pet dogs that we need to pay attention to. What should I pay attention to in the home dogs? Let's take a look at what the home -raising pet dog I carefully recommend for everyone should be paid attention to. I hope it can help you.

    The symptoms of pet dog allergies focuses on the symptoms of pet dog skin allergies. Pet dogs will feel itchy, such as in your toe seam, nose, or inexplicable place on your body, you may see erythema on your belly. Pet dogs will lick and lick because of itching, breathing rapidly, and it looks very restless. This situation often occurs very sudden and there is no threatened. We think about what pet dogs eat before. There may be something that pet dogs do n’t eat, or there is reason to suspect that the pet dog eats something unusual. If so, you can refer to the following method for the pet dog.
    Pymatic ointment
    The allergic ointment used by people, I usually use dermatitis. After applying it, pet dogs will feel cool and relieve the symptoms of itching, and pet dogs will significantly alleviate the emotional emotions. It is still good for the skin allergies of not serious pet dogs. But the problem is that you cannot wipe near the pet dog's eyes and nose, and there are many places with many hair.
    The anti -allergic drugs
    Of course, it is best to go to the hospital for pet dogs, but if it is not convenient to go to a pet hospital, you can also choose to take some anti -allergic medicine for pet dogs. If you The pet dog of the home is a relatively heavy pet dog such as golden retriever. It can compare the children's dosage. If it is a puppy like Teddy, it will be almost halved. If it is Chihuahua, it will be halved. In short, the amount of medication for pet dogs must be more conservative, which is safer.
    . In the end, if you take the medicine for 30 minutes, there is no significant improvement in the medicine. The possibility of pet dogs is not skin allergy. It is best to bring a pet dog to a doctor as soon as possible.
    It some details of pet dogs need to pay attention to waste dog bite
    1. Putting items in the home
    Me many things such as packaging bags, plastic bags, toilet paper, cotton, newspapers, etc. If the dog accidentally swallows it, it will affect the puppy's stomach. In particular, some dogs will find trash cans, and they must be avoided!
    2. Caused gastrointestinal occlusion
    It if the dog is not digested, it will cause the gastric tract to be closed and not eating, so as to starve to death. The dog owner should be careful to abandon these things, cover the trash can cover, so as not to find these things to swallow these things in the garbage dump.
    The items are placed to prevent dogs by mistake
    1. Chemicals should pay attention to
    home cleaning supplies contain chemical ingredients. For example, if the pets, soap liquids, etc., if they are taken by the pet, they will cause vomiting, diarrhea, and heavy to death.
    2. The cabinet must be locked
    The chemical agent, cleaner, and even medicines must be stored in the lock cabinet. This can ensure that the dog cannot open the kitchen cabinet door, causing danger.
    The home electric wire anti -dog shock
    1. Favorite the wires
    The power on the electrical appliances is very attractive for cats and dogs. They may die electric shock due to biting wires. Therefore, the scattered wires on the floor should be sorted out.
    2. Prevent dogs from approaching
    , do not forget to protect the antenna of cable TV and TV. If you cannot pull the wires, you can consider using the dog's nasty things on the wire, such as chili sauce and bitter spray.
    3. Choose the potted plants in the home
    This should be selected in the indoor potted plants. Many indoor potted plants are toxic. For example, Changchun Teng, Parasitic, Paradise Bird, etc. If you eat cats and dogs at home, the consequences are unimaginable.
    The prevention of pet dogs
    1. Pay attention to glass weapon
    The puppy is very interested in anything you hold on your hand. Because they will feel that you are delicious food. But when you are holding small glass furnishings, iron nails or needles, you need to pay more attention.
    2. Avoid the dogs from grabbing food
    Especially some dogs will grab food. The dog will think you throw delicious food to it. Chewing, this may hurt their mouth.
    3. The washing machine should be turned off
    It some pets, I especially like drilling holes. So when they see that the laundry door is not closed, they will take the opportunity to go into a nap. If you do not know, press and switch your clothes, your dog or cat will suffer.
    The home safety reduces the dog crisis
    1. House dogs pay attention
    This housing regulations stated that they must only raise dogs without nourishing neighbors. But if your puppy does not know current affairs, barking all day long, big and urinating everywhere, then it is easy to cause neighbors to dislike.
    2. Pay attention to the gate window
    If the window has no screen window, the owner should often close the window to prevent cats and dogs from climbing the window out of the street. If the door of the home gate is a pull -up, if the owner opens the gate without noticing, the gate will have an accident with the puppy's head and neck.
    The reminder of home decoration memo
    1. Wall wallpaper coatings
    The wallpaper with delicate patterns and pretty colors than single -colored coatings, but puppies prefer the habit of peeing on the wall to increase the habit of peeing on the wall. Your clean workload is better to replace the paint that is easy to clean and repair the wall as the topic.
    2. Selecting floor material
    The long hair on the puppy is often a proud place to dress the dog, but the playful puppy crazy, the dog hair will be embedded in the gap of the floor. It is best to replace the floor with materials such as floor tiles that are easy to clean and not foam.
    3. Install the ground power
    In order to avoid puppies from imposing the power cord, it is troublesome. Can't touch the position, or install the cover in front of the power line

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