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  1. There is a pet at home. What is the precautions for pet dogs? Among all the pets raised, in fact, pet dogs are the easiest type, because when pet dogs take care of it, they will also take care of us. This is not given by other pets. After the pet dog is familiar with the owner, there will be a lot of interaction to give the owner a lot of warm moves, which is why so many people choose to raise pet dogs. Although there are a lot of attention in daily life, the ending is good, and we will feel that it is worth it. Today, let's take a look at what pet dogs need to pay attention to.
    The diet of pet dogs requires special attention to the owner. Their diet is different from humans. Human diet is three meals a day, once full, and pet dogs may be fed in a small amount. Eat a little every time and eat it many times a day, so that their intestines are most suitable for their intestinal digestion. The best foods that are fed are in line with their intestines. Do not be too irritating, too spicy, and sharp foods are not suitable for them. It is best to prepare some snacks, vegetables, fruits, etc. for them to supplement their nutrition.
    When a pet dog is from a young age to mature, his teeth will become sharp and sharp. At this time, the owner must prepare some grinding tools for dogs, such as molar rods or bones, etc., which can make their teeth. It can be grinded better, and you can also eliminate bad breath to a certain extent. If they are not prepared for them, they may bite the furniture in their homes. At this time, the home must be relatively chaotic, so in order to avoid this phenomenon, the owner must prepare these things.
    During the season change, some varieties of dogs are very serious, so during the hair loss, the owner should fix the dog in a piece of area to avoid the dog's hair everywhere in all parts of the house and clean it. It will be more troublesome. Every time you take a shower for the dog, you need to blow dry hair in time and comb the dog with a brush to comb the dog. This can also ensure that the dog's hair is shiny and looks more beautiful. Usually pay attention to dogs' exercise to prevent them from eating too much, and can also enhance their bone development and improve their body's immunity. After exercise, the owner can reward them so that they should know what should be done.

  2. Bathing to the bathing dog is a responsibility of being a master. After the dogs are cleaned after taking a shower, it is painful and we also look very comfortable.

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