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  1. 1. Handling of shock:
    The lower blood pressure during shock, fast and weak heartbeat and breathing, pale and cold skin. The shred dog needs to keep the dog quietly insulation, which can put the dog
    on the hot pads wrapped in a bath towel.
    2. Check your breathing: If you breathe weak, irregular or stop, please:
    a. Unlock the collar.
    B. Dig the mouth.
    c. Eliminate saliva, blood, vomit or any foreign body in the mouth.
    D. Popularity breathing.
    3. Check the pulse:
    If the pulse cannot be measured, the heartbeat can be directly tested on the left chest near the elbow. If you have no heartbeat, do "heart massage".
    "Heart Massage": Squeeze the heart with the left chest near the elbow, once every second. (Cardiac stopping for more than 5 minutes
    above will cause damage to the brain that cannot be restored). After the heartbeat recovers, do artificial breathing.
    4. Treatment of bleeding: Breeding should be stopped immediately.
    5. Support fixing fracture.
    6. Notify veterinarians.

    If artificial breathing:
    1. Clear any liquid or foreign body in the respiratory tract, open the mouth, and pull out the tongue.
    2. Press your hands in the rib area of ​​the chest, squeeze the lung air out, and release your hands immediately, let the chest bounce back in situ, the lungs swell, and the air inhale.
    3. Repeat the above action, every 5 seconds per second

  2. You have to see what the dog is, so that it is very targeted, for example, it is poisoned,

    Then you have to fill some milk or vomit in soapy water, and then take it to the hospital. Essence

    If it is bleeding, you have to bandage, you can't lose too much blood.

  3. It depends on what injury is. If it is bleeding from trauma, then quickly find a way to stop bleeding. Use bleeding bandage or cloth strip to first tie the injured area
    If it is a breathing problem, then help clean the nose
    the most Good is to send the veterinarian hospital quickly

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