4 thoughts on “How can I get back in the rural pet dog?”

  1. 1. Paste the dog photos and find a dog's notice.

    2. If you know people in the countryside, you will help inquire. The villagers will not be too large. Essence
    3. If there is no person in the village, go to the village broadcast station to broadcast it. To explain that picking up and sending back, you must thank you.
    4, you can go to the place where he lost and ask a few families.

    5, usually go home by itself. If you do n’t come back, the probability of being caught is high.

    The expansion information: 1. Pay attention to bathing the dog
    This dogs are easy to get flea, lice and other things, which causes fleas and lice at home. Clean, so that fleas, lice, etc. will not appear.
    2. Pay attention to dog bite
    The soil dogs in rural areas are very fierce. Dog raising often occurs. The owner should be optimistic about his dog to prevent dogs from biting people.
    3. Pay attention to feeding the dog
    The feeding dogs can not be too full, so that the dog's belly will be uncomfortable. Don't give dogs too salty foods, eat too salty dogs and cry, and even get sick.

  2. Dogs generally know the home by themselves. You must know that the dog may be stolen. If he is well trained, he is anxious to come back. Your current method can only be shouted. Urgent, respond to you. The dog's ears are better than human beings. If he is still nearby, he can hear

    The dogs are our family. Imagine what to do if the family was lost accidentally. It is said that Husky's abandonment rate is very high. In fact, I don't think so. Mainly this kind of dog runs too fast, and can't catch up at all. When you catch up, it is gone. I used to see a friend who had seen a friend before I didn't catch up because I ran too fast. I didn't find it for a long time. The last day was about to see it, and I was killed by a migrant worker. We all cried on the spot, and these people couldn't understand the feelings of our team dogs at all. I can't fight again, but in the end, I can only forget this, and the police ignore this kind of thing. To be honest, my mood was complicated at that time, let alone my selfishness, I was fortunate that I was not my dog, but I really had this psychology. Not much to say that I will share with you what I see.

    It is more cautious when choosing to eat. First of all, the materials must be non -irritating. Guangzhou is so hot, and many dogs are prone to skin allergies and other symptoms. The second is the function and use method. It should be on the dog collar like a neckline, and the appearance looks pretty. The standby time official said it was 5-7 days, anyway, I couldn't let the dogs throw it outside for so long. The method of use is located with a mobile phone, no problem. Finally decided to start and try. If you try it, you will share it with everyone

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Put a dog photo and find a dog's notice. 2. If you know people in the countryside, help inquire, the village will not be too big. The villagers are basically acquainted with each other, but if you do n’t find it, you must not expect others to take the initiative to send it back. 3. If you do n’t know people in the village, go to the village radio station to broadcast it. To explain that you will have thanks if you pick it up. 4. You can go to the place where he lost to ask a few families. 5. Generally, you will go home by yourself. If you do n’t come back, the probability of being caught is high.nAsk him not to be familiar with that place, and I am not familiar with it, not lost at homenAnswer to find locals to find!n1 morenBleak

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