4 thoughts on “The dog is about to die, how can I save it and ask for help”

  1. Dogs are unquestionable by you. These very sharp bones of chicken bone duck bones are all in the list of dogs for prohibiting consumption. And it is also useless, in fact, this is completely useless for dogs, and it will also cause damage to the affected area where the dog may scratch.

    The problem is whether the bones are stuck in the throat or scratch the esophagus. If it is stuck in the throat, I can wait until dawn and go to the hospital. The dog is really dead. Now it's best not to make the dog anymore, look at the dog's condition. If he is still working hard, you can try to put your fingers to the roots of his tongue, not to say that the dog must spit, but it is Let the dog feel nausea. The throat moves may allow the bones to follow, and don't keep it all the time. Two times it depends on the dog's own situation.

  2. For reference

    The veterinarian help
    may also need to perform surgery
    , but you said that you can not find the veterinarian
    nh (ttp):/(/ww) w (.youtu) be (.co) m/watch? V =
    Cancel (and)

    Try whether it is effective

    I will find some information on the Internet
    but may not find the applicable

    h (ttp:)/(/ww) w.eho (W.CO) M/HOW_10035572_Foreign-Objects-DOGS-Thro (at.ht) ml
    delete (and)
    n1 R n This helps to release the foreign body

    2 Taking the back of the back scapula with one hand
    3 One person holds the dog on the chest
    Ifisix if you see foreign objects
    The trial of thin pointed pliers to loosen
    The trial one or twice
    Finger, use pliers)

    4 is Youtube's video

    5 is soft and hollowed by the dog's chest
    push up 4 to 5 times up
    . Check its mouth

    6 even if the foreign body is removed
    It may be damaged
    The need to follow up

    (the above is the translation, it may not be completely accurate, only for reference, the actual instructions are based on the original text)

  3. Take it directly to the hospital, the people in the hospital also know a little. Last time my puppy also ate bone card. There are no veterinary hospitals nearby. He took him to the hospital with a thickest belt. The doctor shot this, that pat. Help me for a while, it's really okay.

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