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  1. There are more and more people raising dogs now, but not all dogs are suitable for urban families to raise. For families with small children or very small houses in the family, if you want to raise pet dogs Small dogs. Then the editor of Dog Flatnet will recommend some small dogs suitable for urban residential families!

    1, Malzis dog n Malzis dogs have it A beautiful small dog species. Although their hair is long, it rarely drops hair, and the Malzis dog is a very friendly dog. They can accompany their children to play well and are excellent partner dogs. However, it is necessary to take them regularly when raising the Malzis dog. It is also an indispensable job to sort out hair every day.
    2, Boston dog
    Boston dog is a dog that is docile and can play with children well, and they also belong to the economy -like dog breed, because they are short -haired hair Dogs do not need to take care of it frequently, nor do they often lose hair.
    3, Bagu dogs
    The Pagger is a very obedient partner dog, and they look cute, which is why most people like them. Bagu, which is also a short -haired dog, does not need to combat hair often, but pay attention to the cleaning of their skin folds to avoid the production of skin diseases.
    4, Pomegi
    A Mei Dog is small, cute and lively. Although it will be more noisy from time to time, it is a very friendly toy dog. If there are children at home, it is recommended to raise them. But the only disadvantage of beauty is that British dogs are more likely to lose hair.
    5, teddy dog ​​
    Teddy is a very ornamental dog. Although it is a long hair dog, they are not easy to lose hair. And they are also very popular with children like Teddy Bear.

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