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  1. Bomei, Bear, Golden Retriever, Labrado, Corgi, Jingba
    1. Bomei
    Bomei is a fluffy and soft, colorful, colorful, and colorful. , Beautiful and cute, smart and agile. Boyi has less hair loss, not much to eat. It is very clean without appreciation. You can also look at the family guarding family. The adaptability is very good. It is a small dog breed that is more suitable for home care. Very suitable for breeding in cities.
    2. Big Bear
    The color of Belle bears is generally white, with small white curly hair on the body. It is a more petite cute dog. Bien Bear is more cheerful and lively, docile and cute, with curious small eyes, more well -behaved, and many people prefer it, that is, Bido is not very hair loss, it is better to take care of it.
    3. Golden Retriever
    Golden retriever is also a kind of recovery dog ​​as Labrador, and it is also a very common family dog. Golden retriever is very patient, more enthusiastic and alarm, and very friendly, and the IQ of Golden Retriever is very high. Studies have shown that golden retriever IQ ranks fourth in all breeds. As long as you exercise regularly, food and veterinary medical examinations. More suitable for home care.
    4. Labrado
    Labrador is also known as a recovery dog. It is a dog species suitable for search and rescue dogs suitable for guide dogs. It has a mild personality. Although Labrado is a large dog, it is gentle, very loyal, cheerful and lively, and the IQ is also suitable for staying at home to accompany the elderly and children.
    5. Corgi
    Corki is a small dog with a very stable personality. They are more courageous and more vigilant. It can be used to see the home guardian home. It is very popular and friendly. It's bold, the personality is gentle, not fierce, suitable for home support.
    6. Jingba
    Nebba is a very ancient dog breed in China. It has been four thousand years since it has been someday. Smart and lively, very good -looking, suitable for home support.

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