The taste of the dog at home is smelly, what should I do?

The dog is also stinky. " Essence Essence Essence Essence Another is where to put it at night? You can't put it in my house, this is the key! Intersection

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  1. Methods to solve the smell of dogs at home:
    . The dog's nest is the most problematic. The dog's nest must not be placed in the bedroom, especially the child's bedroom. It is best to place light and ventilation balcony and other places to reduce human and animal contact with infectious diseases or pollute air.
    . To solve the unpleasant smell on the dog, be sure to take a bath regularly, wash off the greasy and dusty dog ​​on the dog, wash off the dog's parasites, etc. taste.
    . Give the dog for disease and parasitic examination at a certain period of time. If you find that there is a disease or a parasite, it is best to use isolation for effective treatment.
    . Do a good job of interior ventilation. This is what the dog -raising family must do. Ventilation can not only improve the air, but also kill some microorganisms and parasites.
    This expansion information:
    This dogs at home can make the family be smart and energetic, and can make people feel comfortable.

    The dog can also intensify the nature of children to protect animals, cultivate children's cherished life and the beautiful and pure heart of animals, so many families are raising dogs, but family dogs must do a good job of environment and indoor indoor. Hygiene issue.

  2. 1. Training fixed -point excretion
    The training at a fixed -point shit for dogs to urinate in the dogs, so that the dog's bowel movement can be urinated into dog sand, and some odors can be covered. Stricken.
    2, take a bath on time

    The bath to the dog on time, otherwise it will emit odor. Washing once a week in summer, winter is twice a month. Use pet gel special shower gels to take a bath regularly. It can remove the stains on the dog, necrotic fur, parasites, and feces on the body, etc., keeping the dog's clean and beautiful.

    In third, often cleaning hygiene
    This pets will have odors. The owner can open the doors and windows daily to let the room open, and there are often cleaning of hygiene and maintaining the living environment. Clean and tidy. Pet dog supplies such as food utensils and dog nests are disinfected and cleaned, and the sun is dry; cleaning the places excreted by dogs, spraying pet -dedicated pets for pets, helping to quickly decompose odor sources and eliminate odors.

    Fourth, cleaning the mouth
    If the dog has bad breath, it will also emit odor. There are generally two reasons for dog odor. One is that the mouth is not hygienic, and the dog brushes his teeth regularly. Another is the cause of the gastrointestinal, which needs to be regulated to improve the stomach.
    The more practical method of daily life is to place some grapefruit skin in the room or use incense to remove the odor.

  3. In general, pet shops are generally sold with dedicated specialty agents. Dogs can use special shower gels, which is harmless to dogs' bodies. It can also eliminate body odor and often pay attention to ventilation and keep the room dry.
    This information: Rabies is an acute infectious disease of a central nervous system caused by rabies virus. Because rabies patients are afraid of the prominent clinical manifestations of drinking water, the disease has also been called "water disease ()", but the diseased animals do not have this characteristic. The main clinical manifestations are unique mania, fear, fear of wind and water, saliva, and pharyngeal muscle spasm, and eventually paralysis and life -threatening. In 566 BC, my country. There is "Chinese people with dogs" on Zuo Chuan. Jin Dynasty Ge Hong.
    Themids in the "Qianjin Fang" behind the elbow and Sun Siyi are recorded. In 1885, the French scientist Bastend will use the drug reduction rabies vaccine prepared by the rabbit brain spinal cord for the first time. This is the first time in human history to conquer rabies, which will be preceded by the vaccine prevention of rabies.
    The care dog: guardian human safety and property, home nursing home.
    Playing dogs
    Playing dogs: accompanied, playing reward.
    hunting dog: hunting charge.
    Iladies and shepherds: shepherd, shepherd, shepherd.
    I medical dogs: Because dogs are optimistic, they are suitable for taking care and accompanying hearts, depression patients, and autism patients (excluding violent patients); provided that they choose to have domesticated dogs that have been domesticated and will not make trouble, and they will not make troubles and messy dogs, Otherwise, the burden may increase the condition.
    The care dogs: people who care for their own difficulties and paralyzes; they can help people take off their shoes/socks, insert cards and withdraw money, turn on/off the door, turn on/turn off the lights, push/pull the car.
    The guide dogs: The responsibility of the dog is heavier than the care dog. Most of the hosts need to be accompanied by the owner.
    Munction dogs: some countries have a special dog medal; military dogs, police dogs, customs anti -drug dogs, airport gunpowder monitoring dogs.
    S search and rescue dogs: avalanches, earthquakes, fires and other disasters occur for search and rescue work.
    It traffic dogs: For example, the Eskimo people near the Arctic Circle and some people in Northeast China use the "sled dog".
    Performance dogs: Most of the circus has dogs specially used for performance, many identical and talent.

  4. There are several reasons for the dog's stink:
    1, ear canal, check if there are yellow secretions in the ears, and smell whether it is stinky. If it is stinky, consider whether it is caused by ear mites. You can use the dog's ear drops to drip, or wash your ears specially for the dog. Do not wash it with water.
    2, do you have skin diseases or the like, is the dog scratching? Skin disease can also cause body odor.
    3, the anal glands, the asshole was cleaned, and then wiped him with paper. Take a shower every two weeks in the winter and wash it once a week in summer. After washing, you must dry dry.
    4, feet, check the smell of the feet, whether there is redness, swelling, pimple and the like. As humid as humans, it will cause dogs to feet, that is, toe inflammation.
    It the above types are not available. It is a normal taste. If you are not used to it, you can spray it with deodorant and non -toxic, which will generally sell it online.
    About it is best to have a kebec on sleeping at night. You can sleep wherever you sleep. He sleeps wherever he puts. If you raise it, you must be responsible. He is part of you. You are his life. Both the rich and the poor love you loyalty.

  5. Generally, special pet shops are used to sell dogs. You can use a special shower gel to be harmless to the dog's body. You can eliminate body odor. Pay attention to ventilation and keep the room dry.

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