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  1. Reasons for dog fighting: generally divided into four types!

    1) Status dispute: Dogs are social animals, and the level is important for them. When the two dogs have not seen it, they will judge each other through the body language to judge each other. It shows that when they smell each other's buttocks, they turn around each other, the back of the back, the tail stands, the back of the ears, and the tension! This is the case for the male pussy.

    2) Food and toy disputes: care for food is the instinct of dogs. Some dogs have a strong possessiveness, that is, as long as the other dogs in their mouths cannot touch, they will not work if they touch it! Just warn it!

    3) The spouse's dispute: In the case of estrus, many male dogs will bite and fight for fighting for rights!

    4) Jealousy and guard instinct: Some dogs are jealous and guardian, and they are unwilling to approach their owners, or when their owners and other dogs are playing, they will Rush up and bite!

    The above four reasons are the accurate cause of fighting between dogs! So when the owner encounters the dog and bite and beat directly, you must handle it carefully and not blindly participate!

    The following is the correct processing method of the dog fighting the owner! Intersection (The following methods are not applicable to dog fighting dogs, strong dogs)

    The method is: try not to interfere with them. During the fight, the owners of the two sides should not be ignored without giving any physical and language behaviors. After the bite, or forcibly separate, the owner must not praise and encourage or scold the dog that beats himself. This is very wrong! It is normal to fight in the dog's social behavior! Especially between male dogs! Of course, it is not that they do not let them scatter freely. In some special circumstances, the owner is forcibly interfered! Speaking of which, many owners will definitely not understand what to do if they are bitten, what to do if they are injured and killed, and their dogs are bitten. I can't stand it! The other party will not understand, so please listen patiently here for these issues.

    The specific analysis: Because everyone raised is basically pet ornamental dogs, unlike Tibetan mastiffs, Bit -bit dogs, bite the kind of personality! The nature of the pet dog's fighting and bite is not very strong, and it is usually done! And most of the dogs have a thick body shape and a large amount of hair, so normal fighting is very small to the dog's body and psychological damage! Most of them are biting a few mouthfuls, one or two mouths, a tooth hole, etc., so I hope that the owner will look at this problem reasonably and comprehensively from the perspective of the dog! If it is two dogs with strength, body shape, and quite temperament, if bite occurs, as the owner of the two sides, it is best not to interfere and let them solve themselves! If you ignore them, you can turn around and don't look at them!

    The reason: It is said that dogs are social animals, and the level is very important in dog animals! When two strange dogs meet, they must build their own levels! Especially the male dog, at this time the two dog cubs review each other. If the body language does not work, it will bite and beat to choose who is strong and weak! Who is the boss. This is the original behavior of the dog. As the owner of the two sides, it should not intervene! If you look at it in place without making a movement or sound. If you separate it, the two dogs will become more irritable, barking each other, and shaking each other! And the next meeting will still be beaten! And when the owners of the two sides rush up, as dogs, they will think that the leader is helping, and it will bite more fierce, so that the damage to the dog's body will be more serious! Moreover, if it is to build a grade bit, it usually takes a short time. In a few minutes, it will divide the victory. When you see one dog ride or press on the other dog, the dog under your body Low your head, your ears back, your body bow, your tail drooping or rolling on the abdomen, or lying down and indicating yield! After the first fight, the victory and level status are divided. In the future, the two dogs are meeting. In general, there are very few bite. Basically, the body language is solved. , Or call a sound, the other party will avoid it! These three reasons can avoid fighting!

    The following situations, the owner must be forcibly separated and gives himself a strong criticism!

    1, the body shape is different, (such as Husky and Bazi)

    2, special circumstances (such as, disability, pregnancy, etc.)

    3 Different dogs, pet dogs and strong dogs (such as, Husky and Tibetan mastiffs. Bit, etc.)

    The above above are forcibly intervened, because these three cases, the damage is the damage is the damage is Imagine!

    Dogs are the best friends of human beings, please raise every dog ​​with your heart

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