5 thoughts on “What should we do when our dog fights with other people's dogs?”

  1. When I meet two dogs, I will choose to call back my dog ​​first. Even if you use some violence methods, you need to stop the "fighting" between them as soon as possible. After all, I want to protect my dog. The key is the dog you raised, listening to your own lives. Other people's dogs are not well managed, which is the same as their children's good education. If my dog ​​is not obedient, and at the moment of passion, I don't mind giving him a stick. As for the other dog, I will only scare it and let it go.
    I myself are afraid to see the dogs, so I will call the people who watch a little away, lest that the fight is too intense to hurt others. If possible, I will immediately run away from my dog, even if it is "blushing and swollen" at this time. Anyway, I couldn't bear to look at it to continue fighting. Just watching it was caught in a mess, it was uncomfortable.
    Anyway, there are only two ways of my way. Otherwise, it is just holding the dog directly, or it is to let them separate through the way of intimidation. In fact, they will still be afraid that we will hit them. Of course, if you can attract their attention with a certain item, it is also possible to separate them that are torn.
    Fortunately, our dogs have always been very good and don't let me worry too much. Although I also like to fight, when I scold it, it will return obediently. Therefore, if you can persuade the dog back, do not take the two dogs to separate the two dogs in the form of violence. In the end, you have to use violence. There is also a judgment of their fighting properties. If it is just playing, then don't care.

  2. In today's society, there are not a few people who raised dogs, and some dogs are not very friendly. They are even threatened and similar. They are very violent and aggressive. Dog owner, when I face this kind of problem, I chose the way to avoid as much as possible, pulling away the dog to avoid the owner and pet injury.
    The dog fights are first to distinguish them just entertaining bites, riding a riding each other, or a bite with anger and aggressive. The dog owner cannot leave completely, because the dog is like a child, and there is also the possibility of getting angry when playing, but this situation is very rare. If it is the latter, the owner must be very vigilant, and it is important to be injured when they are avoiding the dog away in time, and do not get started to stop it, because it is easy to be injured by the dog at this time.
    If your dog itself is not good -tempered, try to avoid contact. My big dog is only aggressive to the same -sex large dogs. Allows it to play with dogs who can get along with peacefully when the other owner allows it, and for dogs who can't get along peacefully, I have even expected that they are not friendly when they meet, so I will observe a lot when walking the dog. Whether there is danger in front of me, if I find a large dog in advance, I will definitely pull the dog around.
    In all, I think that dog fighting is not inevitable. Timely pulling to prevent it in time, and it is also a good choice that can prevent dogs and owners from being injured.

  3. Use the tools next to it to separate them, but don't be too hard to prevent the dog from getting angry and hurting themselves.

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