1 thought on “One day the cat and dog market in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province opens the market”

  1. Open the market every Sunday.
    The marble cat and dog market is temporarily opened every Sunday, with more than 130 merchants.
    The Dali City Pet Service Association and relevant departments were selected in the area of ​​Fengyi, Manjiang and other areas, and finally determined that it was on the open space on the village entrance of Shangcheng West Road. After the new pet market is opened, the weekly transaction volume is increasing, from more than 50 in the first week to one or two hundred per week. Next, the Dali Pets Service Association and relevant departments will further standardize and improve the new pet market.
    The volunteers of Da Da Da Da Da City Pet Service Association have spontaneously organized the propaganda activities of protecting the environment and civilized dogs. By sending free pickups to citizens of pets, publicity of civilized dogs and other forms. Create a national civilized city to add a force.

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