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  1. 1. Cage/fence, can be used as a dog's house, can be used for toilet training or encountering dangerous situations, so it is best to prepare in advance.
    2, drinking water heater, the water heater is not easy to overflow, good stability, and there are also tube mouths. You can choose according to the environment in the home.
    3, dog food and dog food basin, first ask the type of dog food that was initially fed in the reserve, and then prepare the same dog food. Dog food pots should be good.
    4, portable box, ride, go to the hospital, or take a dog out to travel. Of course, you can also be used as a dog's house.
    5, dogs and pellets/diapers, dog pots and diapers are necessities. The diapers are standard and widened. If your dog will bite the diaper, you can also choose mesh diapers. There are also many types and types of dogs.
    6, toys, recommended and stretched rope -shaped toys, and puzzle toys that can be plugged into snacks and used for housekeeping. If you give it cotton toys, it may bite the toy and eat the fillers inside when it is at home, so be sure to pay attention.
    7, blankets/towels, used to spread in portable boxes or fences. It can be used as a bed for sleeping. The dog smells the taste of the remaining on top, and can sleep with peace of mind.
    Extension information:
    The precautions for dog breeding:
    1, puppies within 3 months, should be soaked with porridge food or dry food with water. host. Other foods often cause symptoms such as indigestion, dilute, so remember not to let puppies eat.
    2. Try not to disturb it when puppies eat, otherwise it will become very nervous when eating in the future. You can touch it so that it can avoid food.
    3, the puppies' water should be fully supplied, prepare clean containers, do not feed raw water, cool the boiling water, and constantly replace fresh water. Drink water.
    Reference information Source:
    Baidu Encyclopedia-Preparation before dog breeding

    Plores-people who raise dogs say: These things must be done

  2. 1. In vitro deworming medicine (prepare some)
    2. Dog cage (you can choose an iron cage or you can choose other types) when the weather is cold, and buy a dog's nest and put it in it
    3. Fixed place to the toilet or buy a dog toilet
    4. Dog necklace (this depends on you himself)
    5. Pet hospitals are needed)
    7. Dog basin (you can choose to buy two or you can buy one with both sides), drink water and one dog food
    8. What kind of dog food is suitable for), otherwise the dog food dog will suffer if the dog food dog has suffered your money. n111. Dog's shower gel (dogs do not shared by people)
    12. Dog's bed. nEntical reminder: If you raise a dog, don't discard it. If it is unusual, it will be given to friends and relatives. Do not abandon it at will.

  3. Raising dogs, you must prepare the dog's nest first, 2, one is a dog sleeping (you can use iron cages, or the furry cushion sold by that pet shop, but my dog’s dog Use iron cages, so that dogs can not feel hot in summer, old clothes in winter, or cushions that are not used), one is used by dogs on WC (this uses ordinary iron cages) , Dogs to go to the toilet by themselves, this needs to be taught, and it takes time to run in. The puppy basically does not need to go out to walk, and go out to walk at home. If you do n’t need a cage, you need to pay attention to each time and afternoon every morning and afternoon. When choosing dog food, pay attention. n, if you want dogs to develop the habit of eating dog food, you can't let it eat other delicious foods when he was a kid (because of this, my dog ​​meals eat chicken legs for meals ...)
    every day 2 meals, morning and evening

    If you are a small dog, pay attention to the variety, don't let the dog eat too much when you are small, so easy to grow too much
    yourself yourself Nourishing generally does not care about this. Just be happy with the dog

    The dog to get an injection when you buy it, you must apply for an account every year, otherwise you will be confiscated

    If you take a dog out, remember to bring a rope, whether the big dog puppy
    big dogs, prevent biting or dog
    puppy, prevent being bitten, just pick it up r directly
    It, it is best not to strangle the neck, so that the dog will feel uncomfortable

    bathing, once every week in summer, 2 to 3 worships in winter
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n need to buy dog ​​nest, dog chain dog food needle comb, drinking water, bell, teeth, etc. For the toilet, in fact, this is available or not),
    It if the dog selling dogs is better to speak, ask him to ask for a dog's common clothes or cloth. , Help him familiar with the environment), a piece of old clothes that the owner does not wear is placed together with his old clothes (familiar with the owner),
    collaboration and traction rope (puppies are different, puppies will Buy a small collar first. I personally think that going out to walk the dog with a single neck circle is cruel. It is recommended to use the back of the chest and back; the thickness of the traction rope can be in place at a time),
    This is not recommended to give it as soon as the new environment is coming. Before you are familiar with the environment, you can easily give him the impression that you can "bite" before you can't bite it.
    Do not take a bath), brush comb (brush hair every day, brush thoroughly, massage the skin and keep the effect of cleaning),
    doghouse and cage (to be honest, I have not purchased the dog's nest. The clothes were given out, and they knew where it was soft and warm, and cleverly; the cage was also given obedient golden retriever. After her family went out, she would bite and eat, so she closed her before going out. Now that I take the initiative to drill in my own initiative, because I know that I have snacks and eat it in obediently),
    This dog food (this varies from the owner and started to do it by myself. Later Therefore, the amount of DIY DIY is too large, so it is all available to buy it. It will not be imported for them for a long time. The domestic "treasure" that eats it seems to have no dependence; If you decide to eat dog food, don't give people a food, otherwise they will not be good. Eating dog food; if you decide to DIY, be careful not to add too much salt, and eat more salt for dog skin hair and internal organs),
    if you are new to dogs, you must not want to be bitten by him. After collecting things, the shoes must be put in the shoe cabinet. The coffee table, or other low -places must be collected to prevent accidental bite. The small things on the ground should pay more attention. Do not open, toilet toilet paper and other easy tear are high, and the toxic ones such as cleaners and detergents are better. These are not just to clean up when they go out. During the time when the dog arrived home, they should also pay attention to it, pay special attention to packing before going to bed.
    Is do n’t take a bath before the puppies just arrived in the new environment and completely vaccinated. Washing all the vaccine after playing. If he is too dirty or tastes, he can be wiped with a tide towel, or you can use it if you are not clean. You can use it. The dry cleaning powder for dogs is very detailed on the packaging. Usually combing hair every day, combing hair is also a good way to keep clean.
    The first day when you arrive at home, it is best not to eat it. The water should be guaranteed enough. Do not let him eat the next day.
    Then I think it is very important. Find a nearby pet hospital, screen it, and consult the opinions of a nearby dog ​​friend to see which one is good. It would be too late if the dog was sick. Small hospitals may be able to treat a minor illness and minor pain, but in addition, you must also inquire about large hospitals that treat dog plague and small dogs with small reputation and make reserve.
    This dogs must not be annoying, you must keep love and patience. At first, you may not feel trouble, but combing hair and vacuum (mainly cleaning dog hair), clean excrement, training, feeding, walking, walking Dogs, accompanying ... After a series of time, you will feel annoying, especially if you go home for a day, you have to clean up, feed, play, and comb. Millions of be patient ~
    Well, I can't remember it for the time being. Think of other replenishment.

  4. Dog's nest, rice bowl, some dog's baths, dog food, toys, dog comb n on the first day of bringing home, it must be familiar with the environment first, do not scare it, slowly teach it, slowly teach it It goes to the toilet

  5. Many, dog houses, dog rice bowls, dog food, dog toilets ... See how much your budget is, when my Su Mu came, even the dog messy things insect repellent vaccine, almost 3,000

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