4 thoughts on “Shiba Inu and Corgi are very similar. Do you know what is the difference between them?”

  1. Shiba Inu is a medium -sized dog breed. They are lively and cheerful, have a sensitive sense of smell, and they are also very vigilant. Shiba Inu has a docile personality, has a strong obedience to the owner, is particularly loyal, and has patience. Their eyes are triangular and their noses are black. Most hair shows pale yellow or cream.
    Corkic dogs are a relatively small dog. They are docile, brave and brave, and are not timid at all. Very suitable for home care. At the same time, they are particularly friendly to people and are very popular among children. Let's talk about the differences between Shiba Inu and Corki, right?

    The difference between the size and appearance of their body shape is their most obvious difference. Shiba Inu's body shape is relatively medium, the eyes are triangular, and the ears are also triangular. Its chest development is better, its limbs are developed, and they are strong and powerful. The muscles of the hind legs are also relatively developed, making their standing posture look particularly good. Corgi is a small type of dog. Ears and eyes are medium -sized. The lines of nose and mouth look very beautiful, but the hair is relatively small. This is their congenital feature. The chest development is better and more moderate. There is no tail in a lot of time, because they have no tail when they are born, or they are cut off. Shiba Inu has a tail.

    The puppies of Shiba Inu are lively and active, and the personality of adult dogs is relatively stable. The alertness and regionality are very strong. They are strong and agile. This kind of dog breed is more suitable for family breeding. Corgi is a small dog, with a stable personality, boldness, and high vigilance. It is especially suitable for the home care homes. At the same time, it is very friendly to treat children, which is very popular with children.
    It, many people are particularly confused about how to choose the breed of dogs. For Shiba Inu and Corgi, I think these two dogs are particularly cute. Shiba Inu's face is particularly comfortable, and the face of Shiba Inu is particularly comfortable, and the face of Shiba Inu is particularly comfortable, and it is very comfortable, and the face of Shiba Inu is particularly comfortable. The cute place of Corgi is in their buttocks, round, especially the way of walking, especially cute.
    In general, I think Shiba Inu looks more temperament and Corgi looks more cute. In fact, both Corgi and Shiba Inu they have their own unique places.

  2. The two dogs are relatively small. Shiba Inu is more slimmer, the limbs are longer, the color of the hair is yellow and white, the hair is very fluffy, and the ears will stand up. Corgi's legs are particularly short, but they are particularly fat. They look like small benches and have large eyes.

  3. It belongs to different varieties, the size is different, the height is different, and there are differences in what you like.

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